What is an OptiKode?

Humans function—it's what we do. Did you know though that each of us has one of 120 unique Functional Styles, otherwise known as an OptiKode? Much like a GPS system, our OptiKode goes everywhere with us and explains our unique approach to life.  

As intrinsic as it is in our daily lives, few of us know what our Functional Style actually is—therefore one of our biggest treasure lies hidden from view! More than personality, your OptiKode is directly connected to your effectiveness in life and in relationships. OptiKode Academy's mission is to help people access more of  their full potential by bringing their Functional Style to life. 

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The Benefits of OptiKodes

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No two people think or function alike and at the same time we are wired for connection. OptiKodes help bridge this gap and give people immediate tools to align with people who are intrinsically different than you. Beyond relationships, OptiKodes shine a light on your own intrinsic functioning so you can optimize your life and reach your personal goals more quickly and effectively. 


  • Homework breakthroughs and a lessening of anxiety for struggling learners
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence for non-traditional learners
  • Increased harmony and understanding within couples' relationships
  • Improved  communication, teamwork and collaboration at work
  • Clarity around mid-life career changes; career guidance for college students

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