Message From  Founder, Kimberley Blackburn, MA 

OptiKodes was not something I set out to discover or build; my understanding evolved bit by bit in over 15,000 hours of working one-on-one with struggling students and their families.  What began as a fascination with why  my students responded differently to my varied tools and techniques grew into an almost 2 decades-long discovery of Functional Styles,  otherwise known as OptiKodes. I have used the system to help countless students of all ages, their families, as well as many couples and individuals,  embrace the truth of how they function and use this self-understanding to unlock new levels of success and happiness in their lives.  


Learning Specialist and Educational Therapist

Ms. Blackburn has worked as a private Learning Specialist for over 15 years and has developed an expertise working with Non-traditional Learners and their families.  As a former child and adolescent psychotherapist, Kimberley pays close attention to the emotional trauma that occurs for children and their families when students fall behind and struggle with learning.  Her belief is that every child is a natural born learner, unless their Functional Style  - or OptiKode - is overlooked. She has found that OptiKodes can predict which children will struggle academically and that they can also show parents and educators how to create learning breakthroughs for each student using their particular OptiKode. 

Individual & Couples Coaching and Academic Success

OptiKodes Academy specializes in helping people optimize their life by knowing and using their unique Functional Styles in all that they do. Whether you're going through a career change, or are getting ready to graduate from college and enter the workforce, OptiKodes Coaching will bring your Functional Style to life and be an invaluable guiding light in charting your course. Couple's relationships also  benefit immeasurably when both partners understand their own, as well as each other's, Functional Styles.  This leads to successful 'OptiTuning' where seeing the natural differences in your OptiKodes  leads to better understanding and  acceptance between you. When this happens, tension patterns fall away and relationships thrive.

OptiKodes initially developed in the process  of finding  radical tools to help struggling learners. The student and family resources available on OptiKodes Academy have been designed to help make parents the experts in their child's school success.  Since parents are already playing such an important role in their children's academic life but are not  given any training, one of the Academy's missions is to step in and fill this void with parent-friendly materials that will 'turn upside down learning right-side up.' 

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