Why OptiKodes

Since you've gotten yourself to college, you have clearly mastered a strong set of academic skills that have done an amazing job getting you where you are. What if you learned though that many of the methods and tools you rigorously use are not fully aligned with how you naturally process and learn?  

We all have 3 Dominant and 2 Dormant elements to how we function—this makes up our one-of-a-kind OptiKode. There are 120 different OptiKodes, with many further versions of each one. This explains why we each have such a unique approach to living and to learning. 

unfortunately, instead of honoring each student's  unique wiring, we keep imposing standardizing learning  which dulls students' enthusiasm and often leads to burn-out and misguided career choices. It is possible now to know your unique Functional Style and how to use it to transform your academic learning and college life.  

The Benefits of OptiKodes

When students learn their OptiKode and then use the tools and strategies that align with their Functional Style, college life transforms. Learning shifts from being a grueling game of memorization and test-taking to a more effortless and rewarding experience. The following outcomes naturally occur: 

  • Studying and course work gets done more quickly
  •  Learning takes on an effortless quality and feels more enjoyable and meaningful
  • Students discover a deeper sense of interest and mastery in their classes
  •  Students become clear what college majors are a right fit for your OptiKode and Functional  Style
  • ·A better balancing of college and social life develops
  •  Test results and grades consistently improve

What You Can Do:

STEP 1: Discover Your  OptiKode

If you haven't already, take the Individual OptiKode Assessment—find out which of 120 different OptiKodes you have. That's the first step in Bringing Your Functional Style to Life.

STEP 2: Take the Next Step in Your Future

Explore Optikodes on Your Own

The College OptiTuning Guide is a quick way to learn how to bring your Functional Style to life and transform college experience. The OptiKodes 101 eBook is an additional resource that will deepen your understanding of your one-of-a-kind blueprint for functioning and how to use it to sculpt a life during and after college that will ensure life satisfaction.

Work with Kim

Kimberley meets with individuals in person and over Skype and Google Hangout to personally bring the power of OptiKodes into your life. Kimberley offers consultations in northern California, 30 miles east of San Francisco, in Walnut  Creek.